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Experienced Corporate Leader, Attorney, and Strategic Advisor

Martin is a seasoned corporate leader renowned for his adept problem-solving skills and strategic acumen in navigating complex organizational challenges. Holding dual roles as Chief of Staff to the CEO and General Counsel, he serves as a trusted advisor and solution-driven legal advocate.

In his capacity as Chief of Staff, Martin orchestrates and oversees critical administrative and operational functions for the CEO, including human resources, crisis management, strategic relations, IT, and facility services. Acting as a key liaison to the Board of Directors, he prioritizes crucial issues and shapes strategic initiatives. Martin’s strategic counsel extends across various business units, including HR, finance, operations, and external relations, playing a pivotal role in high-level decision-making and succession planning.

As General Counsel, Martin's legal expertise encompasses contract negotiations, risk management, litigation strategy, and personnel-related matters. His commitment to legal excellence ensures meticulous attention to compliance and professionalism.

With a diverse educational background, Martin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Juris Doctor degree. During his tenure in law school, he earned a prestigious internship with the United States Attorney’s Office. Martin further augmented his knowledge and skills with two graduate degrees—a Master’s in Public Health from The Johns Hopkins University and an LL.M. in Business Law from Florida State University College of Law, specializing in Employment Law and Human Resources Risk Management.


In addition to his corporate endeavors, Martin shares his wealth of knowledge as an adjunct faculty member at Liberty University, contributing to the School of Law and Helms School of Government.

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