• Martin Peters, Esq.


Martin Peters (Trimble Class, 2015), chief of staff and general counsel for Eckerd Connects in Clearwater, Florida, has a new title: Fellow. Peters was named a Bloomberg Fellow at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and is now pursuing his master’s degree in that field. Peters is thrilled to be a part of the new and exciting program.

“The Fellows program is an innovative way to train the next generation of public health leaders,” he said. “The program looks for change agents who are working in one of five focus areas including: addiction and overdose, environmental challenges, obesity and the food system, adolescent health, and violence.” Peters explained that the program looks for a commitment, not only from the Fellow, but from that person’s employer. Partner organizations for other Fellows have included nonprofits, health departments, government agencies, schools, and libraries. Peters is the chief of staff and general counsel for Eckerd Connects, a Clearwater, Florida, organization that provides workforce development, Job Corps, child welfare, and juvenile justice services to over 40,000 clients and their families each year in some 20 states. For the fellowship, in addition to receiving a full scholarship for his master’s degree studies, there are multiple networking opportunities with other fellows to share best practices and learn from one another. “In just my two semesters at Johns Hopkins, I have already met individuals involved in the child welfare system in Japan, fellow attorneys who actively practice in the dependency system in Tennessee, and other professionals from just about every continent. Diversifying my network of colleagues provides additional perspectives that I would not otherwise be privy to,” Peters explained.

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